Open Your Eyes, For Me?

I need to learn to stay away from discussions on the internet.

I know that as a blogger that might seem like a stupid thing to say but going into the comments section on anything from Youtube to Memebase brings about a mood so infuriating that I can’t stop myself; the fact that it’s likely to give me a headache apparently doesn’t deter me, and so I stare into a black abyss of ignorance and wonder what the fuck is wrong with the world.

I shouldn’t, there are billions of people running around with different opinions, different attitudes to living their lives and apparently different earplugs wedged in to… well, their ears, so that they can block out as much evidence and reasonable argument as possible so that they can still hold onto points that are at their best ignorant and at their worst stupid. I don’t want to go into a downer but bloody hell, if there’s any proof that Western education still needs a lot of work, it’s the diversity of ridiculous notions that the internet lets stew in its various melting pots.

Perhaps this is partly to do with the popularity of largely USA-based websites, a country where denying evolution and climate change both is not only commonplace but the majority (at least according to some surveys, I know that they’re not always trustworthy so I won’t pretend that this is a proven fact, but it’s worryingly close to one nevertheless), and in the face of more hurricanes, terrifying data on temperature and CO2 levels in the last few decades and flooding, people still close their eyes and pretend it’s not happening. It’s gone past the point of ridiculousness now, in my opinion. People find it very easy to ignore and cherry pick data, I get that, it’s unfortunately common, but when it’s right in front of you? Ugh.


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