Around The Interwebs (regular shameless plug #2)

Being that I can’t remember what I called the last one of these that title’s perfectly fine. For those of you who can’t keep up with me (not that you would want to), here’s a couple of things I’ve done in the past week and a bit on the internet that you might want to think about peeking at.

At Alter The Press, we made a list of 10 tours we’d like to see based on albums that are ten years old at this point. I wrote the bit about Yellowcard’s ‘Ocean Avenue’ because it’s an awesome record and I bagsied it before anyone else could take it. Ner to you, haters.

Here’s the list.

Meanwhile, over on Teen Skepchick, I used the recent release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as a thinly veiled excuse to talk about what limits flight capabilities in vertebrates. As if I needed to state it outright, there are giant birds, pterosaurs and the words ‘deus ex machina’, need I say more?

Read it here.

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