Equality Is Not a Minority Opinion

Gay marriage is pretty much here, and it’s been a long time coming. It still shocks me that there are very public anti-homosexual figures that deny equality to their fellow men and women, especially ones as prominent as the now-confirmed new Archbishop of Canterbury. Churches have had rocky relationships with this issue in the past, and I certainly didn’t expect them to just lay down and forget about everything they have said in the past on the issue, but presented with the overwhelming fact that homosexuals are no less moral than heterosexuals for sleeping with members of the same sex, it stands to reason that it would become a non-issue, like how Christians are allowed to eat bacon, a part of the scripture that is ignored because it isn’t fitting of the community the religion influences.

I think what upsets me most about that though is that I’m damn sure that a majority opinion that gay people should not be allowed the right to marry is a minority opinion in the church of England, and I’d like to say the same about the Catholic church too despite their archaic conservatism.

I find it weird that such a conversation is happening at all, actually. If a bunch of gay people sat in big halls and were talking about why priests should be denied the right to marry they’d get raised eyebrows and angry mobs from the churches that allow marriage, and a cold indifference from the Catholic church, who, despite the fact that many of the followers of the church are human beings living in the 21st Century, still officially deny both of these factions the right to marry.


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