Horse Lasagna?

So there’s this big scandal about beef products being filled with horse meat. If you haven’t heard of this, look it up, there’s a delicious lasagna with somewhere between 60-100% horse meat. When I heard about this I really started to wonder why you wouldn’t just label the product as ‘horse lasagna’. I’d eat it. Horses can’t taste that much different from cows and the more we wean off cows the better, due to their ridiculously potent farts, but I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t be that bothered if I’d eaten that lasagna and then found out it wasn’t made of beef; if it tasted nice, what does it matter? If it was a vegetarian dish that would be another thing, but it’s not, it’s horse instead of cow, and really, what’s the difference besides an extra toe on each foot and a four-chambered stomach?

Some people hold horses with great esteem, as if they are somehow more deserving of life than cows, and I suspect that’s because you never see people riding cows in movies, unless you’re watching something set in Spain or the deep south, and when they do it’s usually about trying not to die rather than getting from A to B. Still, eating any animal is questionable, even though I do it all the time. Hopefully one day stem-cell meat will progress to the point where my meat-eater’s guilt can go away and I can eat delicious food happily without having to mourn it first.

Is this an exercise in properly labeling products, then? I suppose if the company had known what was going into the products it wouldn’t be so confused about the whole thing, but then again, who accidentally grinds up a horse into little chunks? I find it really difficult to imagine somebody making that silly of a mistake, even though I know that’s not the issue.


2 responses to “Horse Lasagna?

  1. yes I agree. I think its OK to eat horses. Im sure they taste about the same and recently horses have become very overpopulated & are being abandoned by their owners. Sadly there has been a HUGE increase in horses (many old or injured, or ill tempered) turned loose on open ranges where they have to fend for themselves. Most die a long cruel death of starvation or are chased down & mauled by vicious predators. Who knows? Maybe they are being hunted & eaten locally by hungry unemployed families. The economy has caused many people to lose their jobs, many have lost their houses & land & have had to give up their pets. Also for the past few years the govt in USA & Canada has not allowed meat processing of horses so what else can be done with them. I say let’s try them out back on the BBQ !

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