Credit Where Image Credit Is Due

Damn you WordPress for making me use your new format to type this post. You’d think that I wasn’t comfortable knowing where the categories box was. Oh well, life goes on.

I seem to remember talking about downloading music on here many times before. Forgive me if I haven’t but I’ve thrown my opinion around so much on the topic I feel like I must have shoved it on here at least three times. Well, when using photos for blogs like these, a similar issue arises of whether we should pay for the photographs before using them or use free images. 

I was alerted to this recently and I admit that I haven’t given it much thought. I write one of these every day and often I stick a picture in, just to break up the text. To be honest, if I was being asked to pay money for these pictures, I just wouldn’t, I have no desire to buy pictures (generally with the intention to be silly) that I’m only going to use once in the 365 posts I do per year on this blog that doesn’t get anywhere near enough views to warrant anyone making a fuss, but from now on I think I’ll use wikimedia commons. 

This is not because I think it’s immoral to use other peoples’ images, but purely because I’d rather people not get enraged at any of the content on here that’s not one of my opinions, especially seeing as I’ve been writing this blog for so long that some of my earlier opinions are things even I now disagree with.

I understand that I have made the mistake of generally not listing image credits on these posts, and that’s only fair. I’ve come across a response to one of my posts (albeit not from this blog) on the internet before that didn’t link back to the source and I found that terribly confusing, not because I felt I needed the credit, but because it made the reply to the post seem out of context, and I suppose I could do with making my own blog better in this way.

I do think however, that these things would be better off being shared. Once a picture is on the internet, people are going to use it, particularly if it comes up on the first page of search results, and rather than trying to get websites shut down for use of these images (which seems like a very extreme reaction for one offence, usually only made because the perpetrator didn’t realise it was wrong) one could perhaps request an image credit?


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