Delicious Stallion

I was thinking a little more about horse meat, and I reckon you could find quite the niche for it. I mean, yesterday I ate a chicken heart, and that was less than delicious, but I still tried it. I bet if more people tried horse they would find that it tastes better than offal at least. The Observer today implied that the whole horse meat scandal may have some connection to a mafia, which is scary in one way and reassuring in another, because more time spent pedaling non-traditional food sources is less time spent breaking peoples’ fingers, right? I know, I’m not thinking about the bigger picture, but that comment was stuck in my head and sometimes you just have to vomit that stuff out.

I’d like to say that we could start labeling meat of unknown origins as just ‘meat’, but having seen the public reaction to any food they think might have been tampered in any way, shape or form I can’t see the positive reactions to that change being heard over the clammering, and inevitable, negatives.

And that’s a shame because a lot of the tampering we do with foodstuffs is for our own good. There’s a lot of fear about GMOs which is basically unwarranted. People have a fear of what they don’t understand and this huge category of foods feeds into that, but we have been engineering foods to make them more efficient for our use since we worked out that burying seeds yields crops, and as food demands continue to rise we need ways of making our yields more efficient, more than ever.

Horses themselves are subject to human engineering through selective breeding, a process which has led to racehorses having huge hearts with much less fat covering them than their less active kin. Still, once these horses are no longer of use they are disposed of. If these are to be slaughtered in any case, does it not make sense for us to make use of their meat?

I feel weird even talking about this because I’m still not sure what I think about eating meat. I know that if I had an option that my cowardly taste buds would accept I would jump at it, but I have no motivation to wean myself from it as it is.

Bleh. Give me a horse burger and label it beef, see if I can tell the difference. If it tastes any less appetizing than economy burgers then I’ll understand the uproar.


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