Penn Island

I have had mixed feelings in the past about Penn & Teller’s brand of skepticism, mostly because they have been known to let their libertarian political views take precedence over evidence (read: the evidence for climate change), but they’ve done a lot of good. Over on Science Based Medicine, David Gorski talks about why appearing on Dr. Oz’s show was a mistake for them, and I highly recommend you all read that article.

Check it out 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Dr. Oz is one of the many TV offspring of Oprah, most of which have been borne out of a television niche for talking about medicine as if we have just as much proof for vaccinations’ efficacy as we do for magic hand-waving exercises. So yeah, that’s basically the level we’re dealing with here.

To be clear, I don’t think facing people with opposing viewpoints to yours is a no-go, in fact I would think that it could make room for a discussion about differing opinions in which it can become clear where the facts lie, but as far as I can tell, P&T added to the mystique of the show, if anything, where they could have offered a dissenting opinion, or at least made it clear where they stand on the issues Dr. Oz has thoroughly mishandled throughout his solo career.

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