So Stark

So in between the snow falling again and me realizing that the Pope has the umbrella corporation symbol from Resident Evil on each of his shoulders, it’s been just another morning. I have to pile into a load of coursework and a post on Teen Skepchick about what glass is made of, but I’ll make a pit stop here to refuel.

I cherish those moments, before I think.

The breathless momentum of nagging thought.

Before my obsession, oblivion.

Takes over my mind-state, my fear taut.

Couldn’t bare to confess, I can’t admit,

A mortal confusion, haunts me, persists.

The feeling that breaks you, I can’t be rid,

No force on this earth, no, nothing assists.

I get it, it’s fleeting, tell me the truth.

Has it never scared you, that it’s so stark?

a flicker in the eye of the cosmos,

a second of light, for lifetimes of dark.

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