The fact that we’re still discovering new species all the time is fascinating. That scientists are only just finding and studying large vertebrates like birds is just crazy, but it’s happening, as with this species of owl in Indonesia.

We may hear often about new insect species being discovered, and in a much smaller world we have a hard time finding everything, but there is still stuff to learn about the creatures you would think would be hard to miss, and the more we understand about these creatures, the more we can help to protect them in the future, as infrastructure expands into their habitats.

It’s amazing to think that there are still areas of the earth left relatively unexplored, even as Antarctica’s frozen lakes are being explored to find micro-ecosystems (fingers crossed for this discovery taking us one step closer to finding life on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the ones that could support life anyway, I’m not expecting any cows that defy the laws of physics), there are still things yet to learn. I just hope that we can learn about these things faster than we can make them disappear. It’s possible that with the vast quantities of forest humans have felled that there were species living there that were never discovered, and are now extinct, and that number has the potential to be pretty damn high (you can fit a lot of bugs in quite a small space, as you probably already knew).

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