A Bad Case Of Suck

Hey, how have you been?

I recently started going through that novel I’ve droned on and on about on here before and I had a little moment. You may think that having a couple of months away from a project would make me feel distant from it, but when I got back to it I wasn’t feeling distant, I felt like I’d found something I loved broken on the floor, because honestly, the writing was sucky, especially the earlier parts. 

Those of you who have read this blog before probably wouldn’t be surprised about this (oh, self-deprecation, how original) but I stumbled a little trying to figure out how I thought that some of the sentences were readable.

Also, I’ve never seen the word truly used so many times, Truly this is a hurdle that I need to get over.

So I’m going to make some brief notes on the different chapters and then go back through it, rewriting large chunks and slaughtering adverbs as I go, as well as generally making the thing readable.

That may sound like less of a challenge than it’s actually going to be.



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