Fuck The Oceans!

I have a very special facepalm reserved for some business endeavors these days, namely the ones that would trample over ecosystems we know shit all about in seconds if it could get them a tiny bit of metal we could just recycle from our current stocks. How many people have gold necklaces that they no longer use? I’m willing to bet there’s more gold in them than you’ll find on the sea bed, and not only that but they would be easier to get at and wouldn’t involve devastating ancient environments with unique organisms that could possibly even help us understand how life began.

Yes, I’m talking about hydrothermal vents and the quest to scour the ocean floor for them to dig up the last of our resources. Seriously, what do we need gold for? Surely, the negligent amounts we need for important things could be much more easily derived from jewellery that people don’t actually need? I understand the need for copper more, but seriously, wouldn’t it be easier to recycle than to take a bulldozer to the ocean floor? 

Why is it that this seems like a no brainer to me but when it’s presented on the news, reporters are acting like it’s the solution to all of our problems?


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