Giving Racists the Power

I know, I’ve been gone a long time. Well, it’s felt like a long time to me, but for you it’s probably felt like two days, or something like that. See how rough I am with this? Well, I shouldn’t be, because I’ve continued to write for Teen Skepchick even while I’ve been away from here. These posts will increase in frequency though, I swear it, even if it kills me (which it won’t, after all, it’s a blog, not a bomb).

So, everyone in the UK knows by now that UKIP (the UK independence party for those across the pond), got way too many votes in the local elections. Is it me, or do some people get a kick out of giving racists more power?

As I remember, in the last round of elections (general, not local, it’s only a little bit confusing), the BNP (the British National(ist?) Party) got a fair amount of support for a bunch of blatantly racist pricks, and now with UKIP, we have an overwhelming amount of support for some more covertly racist pricks.

Although, from the facebook profiles of some of their candidates, it’s not actually that subtle, they’re pretty much racists.

Well, if you want to throw your vote away, you’re welcome to. I voted Liberal Democrats so I pretty much did. Not because they’re not worth supporting, but because they’ll probably never get in again. 

And if I could be sure that the Green Party had completely abandoned their previous promises to incorporate alternative and complementary medicine into the NHS I’d probably vote for them instead. 

Ah, the joys of politics, where you disagree with pretty much everyone but are forced to work out which one you dislike the least.

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