Who Run The World? (a snarky response)

Let me address a comment recently left on an old post of mine, advising me that my brain doesn’t have the ‘CPU capacity’ to run the program of understanding the New World Order conspiracy theory. 

Firstly, you don’t win an argument by being rude (I know, I know, plank, thorn, eye, whatever). If you don’t agree with what someone is saying, you can’t prove them wrong by calling them stupid. This is condescending and only makes you look bad. If you have evidence that I’m wrong and/or you’re right, let me see it, don’t make a computing analogy just to insult me.

Secondly, the NWO conspiracy theory is so vast and convoluted that no, I haven’t deeply explored every aspect of it. Frankly, I have better things to do than try and comprehend how Kanye West is in league with ancient demon-worshippers and freemasons to take over the world. For the record, I like Kanye West’s music most of the time, but if he was in charge of the world we would know it. For starters, Beyoncé would have won the VMA instead of Taylor Swift, and nobody would let him get in his zone.

See how I do this without calling the commenter in question stupid? I might have pointed out a grammar mistake in his comment in a very unprofessional way on the main post, but the fact that he’s not a syntax expert doesn’t make him wrong. What makes him wrong about me being stupid is the evidence cited by my current university grades, and what makes him wrong about the NWO is, I would hope, obvious.

If I really have to go into it again, I will.

Also, sorry for the gap between posts, I’ve been a little busy.

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