Spring Cleaning

You may have noticed that this site is looking a little unprofessional.

I mean, y’know, more unprofessional than usual.

I keep meaning to make this house look like a home, but honestly I keep forgetting this blog exists. As you can probably imagine, that makes it quite hard to fix up.

Despite that, I’ll probably do a bit of spring cleaning here in the next few weeks, which will most likely include getting rid of the majority of my old posts, namely the ones that actually have pageviews. Sorry, but as with everything I create, I look back on it from time to time and wonder what the fuck I was thinking.

I may leave a few up depending on whether they are 1. well written, 2. agree with present-day me, and 3. aren’t likely to trigger another flame war in the near future.

Or I may keep the inflammatory ones, depending on what mood I’m in when I break out the dustpan and brush.

Rest assured that I have a lot of things to say, some of which might be just as embarrassing to look back on later, but which I feel need to be said. Mainly I think I need to get back to this because a fair amount of what I want to write about is not relevant to Teen Skepchick (which you should all totally read, by the way), which I need to write more for anyway, and the more I blog, the more up for blogging I’ll be.

I think.

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