About The Author

Edward Strickson is a man with many dreams, all of them much too optimistic considering his past pessimism, but love does funny things to a man, and what it did to this previously modest young man was inflate his ego to the point where he believed people would actually want to go on the internet and read about what he was thinking.

This blog was created as a writing outlet, something that he was told by a few people he was rather good at, although at first it was irregular and his creative efforts were focused on his reasonably successful local rock band ‘Arcanite Reaper’ when that went the way of the dodos, Eddy, as he is more commonly known began thinking about the world in a different manner and he began blogging daily, largely about issues he had come to uncover after accidentally listening to the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe when looking for a podcast to listen to after lost had finished, he was hooked and suddenly the world began to make a lot more sense.

He currently writes album reviews for the popular e-zine and writes both novels and songs in his spare time.

You can also find articles written by him in the now-defunct New Rock Music e-zine and the reviving Nottingham LIVE e-zine.

He is currently looking for a literary agent to support his first completed novel: ‘The Screaming Earth’ but has so far had no luck.

Also he will happily prostitute himself to be in a band again, he’s just that desperate.

A soon to be student and a generally sciencey guy, he hopes to be able to provide useful deconstructions of some of the most dangerous frauds of the web 2.0 age as well as satirising the less dangerous.

You may occasionally find some piece of poetry or the first chapter of a story on here, if you do that and happen to like it do not hesitate to spread it around to the right people, because Edward Strickson isn’t only a blogger, aspiring writer and aspiring musician, he’s also flat out broke.

To give you an idea of the mundaneness of his existence, here is what this page previously stated.

‘I own a lovely Gibson SG guitar bought from inheritance money (as are all expensive things at this age) which is my pride and joy. I previously owned an Epiphone Les Paul which currently hangs above the desk in my bedroom; and an Ibanez gio; although I can’t remember for the life of me what the code was – although I do remember it was second hand, orange and I got a pickholder stuck to it. In the end I sold it for about £80.’

If he had changed that quote into the third person that would have sounded a little too much like an end of movie montage.

Feel free to discuss the topics presented on this website.

Feel free to contact the author at eddystrickson@hotmail.com

And think for yourself.


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