Printing Guns

You may have heard that, somewhere in Texas, there is someone 3D printing guns. The actual news item is, of course, much less vague than I’m making out it is, but the point is that this is now a thing, and it’s being done in the name of liberty and freedom. I have a problem with those words, not because I dislike being free (duh), but because their meanings have become so conflated. I can’t see how we in Britain, where guns are much harder to get hold of, are any less ‘free’ than, say, people in the US where gun laws are more relaxed.

There’s a certain mindset, it seems, that sees regulation as an inherently bad thing. Well, regulations can be good, and certainly if all of them were taken away we’d be left with something that barely resembled modern society at all (although some might think that a good thing).

I’d like a world where it was harder for dangerous people to get hold of dangerous weapons that let them do dangerous things. I mean, guns have one purpose, they’re made to kill. There’s not much else you could want a gun for unless it’s to protect yourself from other people with guns, in which case the problem is still one of people having guns.

And printing them out doesn’t seem like the best way to aid that situation.

I admit that I could be wrong, if everyone gets printed guns and gun crime becomes a thing of the past, I will concede that I was wrong and guns are just the thing everyone should need.

Until then, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable about the whole idea.




Just no.

What is a gun for if not to kill?


With the level of gun availability in the US are there really that many people into sports shooting?


Would guns be needed for self defence if the people you’re supposed to be defending against didn’t have guns in the first place?

We humans have become very good at killing each other as our technology has increased. Is it not the responsibility of those who can to limit this?

Wanting to lessen these instances does not make anyone a communist. There’s a reason why there’s a discussion and there’s a reason why certain personalities do not want to have it. I’m not saying they know that they’re wrong, far from it, but if you don’t talk about it you can’t talk about changing it.